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McKenzie Evaluations

McKenzie Logo At Primary Spine & Rehab, the preferred approach to spinal care utilizes the McKenzie method, which is internationally recognized and supported by many research-based facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic. The McKenzie method is the most progressive approach to conservative spinal care available. The method is based on the principles of Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention.
A McKenzie Evaluation uses a series of repeated movement patterns and assesses a patient's subjective response to these movements allowing the physical therapist to build the framework of treatment. The objective data obtained from the evaluation places the patient in a classification system of spinal disorders, which helps the therapist to determine the cause of the back pain. This is essential to progress towards the treatment phase.
Treatment is derived from the objective data obtained during the evaluation and utilizes techniques which include exercises, mobilization, and education to reduce pain and restore function. A patient is taught how to manage their pain through exercise and postural education. A unique feature of treatment is that the techniques used by the therapist to reduce pain can be used just as effectively by the patient at home. This emphasis on the home exercise program significantly reduces the amount of time a patient will spend in rehabilitation.
Prevention is rooted in educating the patient to use exercise during functional activities to protect the spine and avoid reoccurrence of symptoms. In addition to education regarding the basic principles of prevention, the importance of flexibility, body mechanics, and exercises for stability and strengthening are reviewed rounding out the complete rehabilitation program. It teaches the patient life long management skills to prevent spinal pain.
The McKenzie Institute International has designed a program to recognize those individuals who possess expertise in the method. Through a series of educational courses and passing a comprehensive examination a therapist can become certified in the McKenzie method.