Medical treatments that get to the physical sources of pain.

Physical Medicine │ Pain Medicine Treatments

Physical medicine treatments give us an important advantage in the treatment of joint pain, muscle pain, and certain types of severe headaches. If you are experiencing these symptoms, please contact us now.
Physical medicine refers to a category of treatments that address biomechanical disorders or pain through means that are non-surgical (and this typically excludes exercise therapy as well). At Primary Spine & Rehab, we provide a range of highly specialized physical medicine treatments proven to greatly enhance the effects of normal physical therapy. These treatments often require injections and/or medicine, and are therefore outside the scope of your usual physical therapy practice. However, recognizing the importance and value of these treatments, our team includes the medical credentials, specialized equipment, and specialized training to be able to deliver the physical medicine treatments proven to achieve outcomes over and above usual physical therapy.
Treatments Including
Viscosupplementation / Hyaluronan Injections
This treatment replaces natural lubricants in the joints and is used most often in the treatment of arthritic knees. Learn More
Trigger Point Injections
Trigger points are hyper-irritable spots located in taut bands of skeletal muscles. They can impede the progress of physical therapy. These specialized injections quickly inactivate trigger points and provide prompt symptom relief.
Cortisone, Zilretta® or Lidocaine Injections
Corticosteroid injections provide rapid relief in joint pain and can be repeated as needed. Special extended-release solutions can be injected to continually release pain medication at the painful joint for three months. We perform these injections under ultrasound guidance to ensure accuracy and maximize effectiveness. Combined with exercise therapy protocols, joint injections can be part of a treatment program for fast and lasting success. Learn More
More Treatments
Botox® for Chronic Migraines
Botox is the only medical treatment FDA approved for chronic migraine.* It has been shown to prevent migraines, reduce their length, and reduce their severity, even for patients who have not responded to oral medications. Treatments take only about 15 minutes, and are delivered only once every 12 weeks. Learn More
Certified Concussion Care
As ImPact Credentialed Consultants for concussion care, can help with correct diagnosis, activity consultation, symptom management, and prevention of a re-injury or worsening condition. Learn More