Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

We can enhance the natural healing of muscles and connective tissue by injecting concentrated growth factors spun down from your own blood.
Highly Effective
If you have pain, injury, or dysfunction involving muscles, tendons, fascia, etc., PRP may be the healing enhancement that achieves relief and restores your function. PRP is a non-surgical, state-of-the-art treatment requiring specialized equipment and advanced training. PRP has been connected with improved healing of:
  • Tennis elbow1,2
  • Rotator cuff tears3
  • Achilles tendon pain or tears4,5
  • Jumper's knee6,7
  • Plantar fasciitis8
  • Muscle strains9
  • Osteoarthritis10
  • and many more orthopedic complaints
In many of these studies, PRP was used for chronic problems that had proved resistant to normal care. In one study, PRP was compared to steroid injections for tennis elbow.1 PRP had a 49% greater success rate than steroid injections!
The Healing Properties of Platelets
Using your own blood, we create a plasma that is rich in platelets. We then expertly inject that plasma into points where the platelets can most enhance healing. Platelets are tiny blood cells normally associated with clotting to stop bleeding. However, platelets are also connected with a number of other healing effects:11,12
  • Faster soft-tissue healing
  • Enhanced formation of new blood vessels
  • Improved organization of collagen fibers (meaning healing tissue lays down in ways that allow muscles and soft tissues to function instead of laying down in a disorganized pattern that binds soft tissue)
  • Scar tissue of better histological quality
The Treatment
After assessment, your clinician may recommend PRP to enhance your body's natural capacity for healing in the injured area. We will draw a small amount of blood from your vein (maybe 20 to 60cc). We will spin your blood down in a specialized centrifuge for about fifteen minutes to create a plasma that is rich in your own platelets. We apply a local pain reliever to make injections more comfortable. Then your clinician will target multiple injections over the injured area. This treatment may only be needed once, or it may be repreated weekly for four to eight weeks. Patients will usually receive exercise therapy and other physical therapy to work on strength, flexibility, and muscle balance.

Physical medicine treatments give us an important advantage in the treatment of joint pain, muscle pain, and certain types of severe headaches. If you are experiencing these symptoms, please contact us now.
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