Do you have knee osteoarthritis. Get a season of pain relief from one injection.

Knee Osteoarthritis │ Zilretta® │ Extended Release Corticosteroid

Our non-surgical treatments for knee osteoarthritis provide advanced medical relief now, joint lubrication and protection for the future, and leg strength to protect your freedom long term. Please contact us now.

We offer a complete, non-surgical solution for patients trying to overcome knee osteoarthritis. For long-term joint protection, we can literally inject the lubrication back into your knee. We offer well-qualified physical therapy to protect your strength and ability long term. When patients want medical relief for joint pain now, doctors often turn to corticosteroid injections. We provide this service with two important differences. One, we offer an advanced, extended-release injection that slowly releases pain medication in your joint for months. Two, we perform joint injections under ultrasound guidance, improving outcomes by ensuring correct needle placement.

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A study published in the Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery compared normal corticosteroid injection with the extended-release suspension available at Primary Spine & Rehab.1 They treated 228 patients who had moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis. The extended-release injections provided quick pain relief, and compared to traditional corticosteroid injection, the pain relief was significantly better at weeks five through twelve. Measures of function and ability were also improved.

Ultrasound-Guided Injections
Ultrasound for guided joint injections

We use ultrasound guidance to ensure the accuracy of injections. When corticosteroid injections are not accurate, they can worsen pain. Even in expert hands, no matter how confident the doctor is, studies show that guiding injections by touch and feel has accuracy ranging from 27% to 68%.2 The accuracy of ultrasound-guided injections, on the other hand, ranges from 70% to 94%. Compared to traditional injection techniques, ultrasound-guided injections have achieve greater pain relief - in some cases three times more pain relief on patient-rated numeric scales.

Exercise Therapy

Our extended-release corticosteroid injections can create fast pain relief that lasts for months, but it's important to note that these treatments do nothing to address the underlying problem. In addition to improving the pain, we need to improve how the body area functions to prevent or minimize future damage to the joint. Primary Spine & Rehab stands out as an excellent choice for joint pain, because we offer fast, lasting, non-surgical relief, along with viscosupplementation, exercise therapy, and other treatments that can improve joint function.

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