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As a professional athlete, I need my body working at its peak in order to compete at the highest level.  I’ve experienced the care delivered by Dr. Sadowski and his team first hand after a car accident. I was initially treated by another facility and they were unable to get rid of my pain. Then, I was referred to Dr. Sadowski. He assessed my problem and began a treatment regimen tailored for my injuries. Dr. Sadowski and his PT staff are the best. They are extremely knowledgeable and talented; masters at their craft. I’d highly recommend the team without reservations. They are who I use – and I don’t just let anybody work on me – my career depends upon it.

Tom McClure
Professional Strongman Competitor
2005 Nationals Champion / 2007 team USA Competitor
Whenever my patients require physical therapy for acute or chronic conditions, I confidently refer them to Dr. Sadowski and his team for top quality patient care. The Team there remains in close contact with the patient's provider and gives updates regarding this or her level of progression. This is very important to me and for the total care of my patients. I highly recommend this facility.

Arthur Skalski, MD, FACSG
Enfield, CT
Dr. Sadowski and his team are committed to providing professional care that is essential to any patient's quality of life. With their combined knowledge, they are focused on providing our patients with the best care possible to improve their function with less pain. As an internist, I have personally referred my patients to this facility with great success.

Dr. Darshan J. Shah, MD
Enfield, CT
In my 20 years as a neurosurgeon in Hartford County, I have had the opportunity to see numerous conservative management styles for a variety of spine issues. I have been very impressed with the patient care and results that Dr. Sadowski and his associates have accomplished. His knowledge, practice style and integrity are a great asset to the patients he treats and to the local medical community that collaborates with him.

Dr. Howard Lantner
Hartford, CT
Minimally Invasive Spine and Neurosurgery
I’ve been treating patients in the Hartford and Tolland County areas for several years as a fellowship trained spine surgeon. I’ve been involved in the care of patients who’ve also been treated at Enfield Health & Wellness [Now Primary Spine & Rehab]. I’ve been very impressed with the results these clients/patients have gotten there. The healing experience is a very positive one at Enfield Health & Wellness. I highly recommend it to patients with musculoskeletal injuries.

Jesse Grant Eisler, MD, PhD
Orthopedic and Spine Surgeon
Connecticut Back Center / Comprehensive Spinal Care
Vernon, CT
. . . For patients who don’t improve using traditional therapy for chronic myofascial pain, I’ve found the Graston technique beneficial for reducing myofascial pain and restoring motion. Many of my patients who seemed to have little improvement have benefited from this treatment which allowed them to continue working with less pain. I highly recommend Dr. Sadowski and his team for the Graston technique.

Kathleen Abbott, MD, CSSP
Connecticut Spine & Sports Physicians
Hartford, CT
As a former professional athlete, taking care of my body is one of my highest priorities. During my professional athletic career I have had access to the highest quality and elite care available. Now that I am retired I have to choose where I receive my health care and I do not take that choice lightly. Playing basketball at a high level for many years has taken a toll on my back and joints of my body. I have experience the care delivered by Dr. Sadowski, Melissa and the rest of their team first hand. They are highly skilled and second to none. I would highly recommend the team for your aches and pains and sports injuries – they are my professional rehab team!

Kara Wolters
NCAA Women’s National Champion

WNBA Professional Basketball Champion
USA Gold Medalist
I’m very pleased to offer a recommendation for Ms. Jennifer Meier as a Physical Therapist. As a Physician Assistant in a busy primary care / urgent care setting, I frequently see patients with musculoskeletal complaints, and I’ve always been a proponent of physical therapy for both its diagnostic and therapeutic benefit. I was lucky enough to learn about Ms. Meier’s talents as a patient in 2006, when she expertly and empathetically treated me for an acute exacerbation of chronic neck pain. I was impressed with her knowledge of anatomy and body mechanics, and was amazed how quickly her plan of care provided relief.

The patients I’ve referred have universally loved Ms. Meier for many reasons. She is skilled at providing pain relief during her patient visits, and her exercise programs improve patient comfort and speed their recovery. Patients also express their appreciation for her ability to communicate with them about their diagnoses, treatment plans and expectations for recovery. She does all of this while being both empathetic and professional. I have sent Ms. Meier some very difficult patients, many of whom had failed to obtain relief from other treatment modalities, and she has helped all of them obtain some measure of relief and hope for future improvement.

In summary, Jennifer Meier is an extremely talented physical therapist, and I am grateful and very pleased that she is involved in the care of many of my patients.

Josephine Avery Diaz, MHS, PA-C
Physician Assistant
Suffield Medical Associates
Suffield, CT
I was diagnosed with Patellar Tendonitis several years ago. Since that time I have been limited to running short distances on a treadmill. Any attempt to run outside for any length of time beyond a few minutes resulted in pain and swelling in my knee. I tried all the standard treatments (anti-inflammatory drugs, RICE, and physical therapy including transverse friction massage).

During the summer I had about 10 Graston treatments from Kevin Sadowski, DC. The treatments have been very successful. The biggest surprise has been the ability to run outside for 15-30 minutes without any discomfort or swelling. I have not had any symptoms since the treatments.

I would recommend Graston as a treatment for Patellar Tendonitis.

Carl Dagenais Agawam , MA
Due to the outstanding PT sessions with Jen Meier and Jen Cavanaugh, I have an increase in motion, flexibility, strength and improvement in my balance. I have received a set of exercises to continue at home. I feel that I will continue to improve due to the fine, professional treatments provided by Dr Sadowski and his outstanding PT staff.
- C. Carroll
All of the physical therapists are wonderful! Each therapist has different strengths, they give you a varied set of exercises to help improve mobility. They compliment each others skills to make a cohesive whole.
- R. Cooley
After several head surgeries and a case of bacterial meningitis, I no longer had hearing or balance on my left side. Vestibular therapy with Melissa has taken me from a walker to walking on my own and being able to drive my car and ride my horse.
- M. Curtis
Dear Dr. Sadowski, Melissa and Allison:

Thank you for providing such great services and care! Dr-thank you for taking the time and energy to address my problems head on, you were the first Dr to take the time to listen to me and find the best treatment options for me. Melissa,-thank you for the weekly therapy sessions, both your amazing massage therapy and our chats helped me through treatment. Allison-thank you for always greeting me with a smile and especially for fitting me in to the schedule no matter what. Thank you all for your support and expertise. You’ve gotten me on the road to recovery!
- K. Gruber
Jen is a super therapist, she was very patient with me and considerate of my feelings. Seniors need therapists like Jen. I could hardly lift my right leg when I came in and she has me back to my old self in just a few weeks.
- M. Marion
After experiencing muscular back pain off and on for several years, being treated using the Graston Technique has cured me! I feel 100% better than I have in years.
- D. Hallock