A Solution for Vertigo and Dizziness

Vestibular Treatment │ Vestibular Rehabilitation

Do you experience dizziness, spinning, lightheadedness, nausea, floating, or rocking sensations? Do they experience difficulty with balance, walking, visually tracking objects, sensitivity to light, moving objects/motion sickness, dizziness with rolling out of bed, and/or trouble in busy environments?

We would like to introduce vestibular rehabilitation therapy, a unique specialty at Primary Spine & Rehab that can help you with any of these symptoms.

Take Symptoms Seriously
These symptoms should be taken seriously and can affect an individual's ability to change positions throughout the day, can be debilitating enough to diminish quality of life, and reduce ability to work. Vestibular balance disorders are the ninth most common compliant to doctors and about 42% of the population (90 million) will complain at least once in their lifetime of dizziness. Physical therapy is generally indicated to resolve the vestibular problems. When symptoms are left untreated, individuals result with chronic persistent dizziness or vertigo leading to a severely limited lifestyles, reduce ability to work, decreased fitness, mobility, and balance.
Vestibular Rehab
Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is a specialty of physical therapy that is designed specific to the individual based upon their diagnosis, symptoms, and physical limitations. Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is balance and visual exercise based, which includes a program of repeated movements or postures. These exercises are intended to make you dizzy while at the same time improving your ability to focus on body position and coordination. This form of therapy has statistically shown to decrease dizziness and visual symptoms, increase balance and walking functions, and increase general daily activities.